How to use MyLumion


How to use MyLumion


MyLumion is a great way to present your Lumion presentation to someone in the fact that the client can view and interact with your model on their own pace by viewing 360 views of each room and also moving from room to room on their own.

Creating a MyLumion presentation

To explain I have opened a Lumion sample model.  On the Main toolbar on the bottom select the ‘360 Panorama button’ as shown.

How to use MyLumion-1 open model

The screen will change and allow you to record positions. These position will be the centre points for your 360 panorama views. In the sample there is already two defined. You can define another by selecting the camera to store the view.

How to use MyLumion- 2 create camera view

Go ahead and move using the ‘wsad’ keys and position yourself in a center of a room and then store the view. I stored a view on each room.

How to use MyLumion- 3 Create extra viewpoints

Now select the render panorama view.

How to use MyLumion-4 Render

This opens up the rendering options. Here we’ll select the MyLumion tab as we want to merge all our 360 panoramas into one presentation.

How to use MyLumion- 5 MyLumion

Select the quality and add your info. Then click the Upload to MyLumion at the bottom.

How to use MyLumion-6 Upload

It will then start the render.

How to use MyLumion-7 Progress

And once done, upload to the MyLumion website.

How to use MyLumion-8 Upload Progress

When it is complete it will also send you a email but you can access the area by clicking the View button.

How to use MyLumion-9 Viewable

Viewing your presentation:

To view your presentation you can left click and drag in the view to view in 360 degrees. If you want to travel to another room or position you can either enable the Viewpoint/eye icon at the bottom of the screen and then select the eye icon in the center of the screen.

How to use MyLumion-10 How to view

You can also scroll through the various viewpoints by selecting the arrows at the bottom left.  To share the presentation with your client you can either copy and past the URL at the top of the screen and email that link to your customer.

How to use MyLumion-11 Link

You can also open your email client and simply forward the email from MyLumion to your client. They will be able to access your presentation by selecting the “View Project” link.

How to use MyLumion-12 Email link


Using this way of presenting allows your client to interact with your design and appreciate the design in a different way than simply viewing a video or looking at still images, which might help you win projects.

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