How to use the Autodesk Drive to upload and share data



The purpose of the blog is to introduce and to show you how to use the Autodesk Drive to upload and share data.


The A360 Drive has been around for quite some time and is being replaced by the Autodesk Drive. The A360 Drive purpose is to upload data via mobile apps like AutoCAD Mobile and then share with collaborators.

From May 2020 the existing data on A360 drive will become read only and later I think the drive will be discontinued. If you have data on this platform you can visit and log in with your Autodesk ID and download the data( and perhaps upload it again on the new Autodesk Drive. )

1.How to use Autodesk Drive- old A360 Drive

New Autodesk Drive:

The Autodesk drive is not new but will have become the default Autodesk online storage space for data and more.

0.How to use Autodesk Drive- Autodesk Drive

Also note that the Autodesk Desktop Connector (used with BIM360 Hubs ) also points to this cloud storage area. So you can access the area via Windows Explorer and BIM360 once the Desktop Connector has been installed.


To use the site via a web browser. You can log in using your Autodesk ID at the site: To user the platform is very easy. There are buttons for Creating folders upload data etc.

2.How to use Autodesk Drive- buttons

Once you have uploaded data you can navigate to the folder and then share the data.

3.How to use Autodesk Drive- sharing


The system will provide a download link that you can share manually via email or you can have the system send the link to a recipient, for example.

4.How to use Autodesk Drive- download link


The Autodesk Drive is a very easy to use platform for sharing information and more. You can learn more on Autodesk drive at: if you need additional information or assistance please contact us at: