Installation Media Download Troubleshooting


Many Autodesk users are keen to investigate the newest versions of software as soon as possible for varying reasons:

  • Having access to the Application Programming Interface (API) allows developers to get their applications ready for the new version.
  • Workflows may be improved using new features, providing efficiency and profit.
  • Hardware can be upgraded according to the demands the new software may place on it (RAM & Multi-Core Processing, for example).

Users may be surprised to find that, although they may be able to install the latest cutting-edge software through their Autodesk Account interfaces, they are not able to download the software installation files. So for each computer they need to install the software on, they may need to download the software again. With the ubiquitous bandwidth limitations in South Africa this may not be the most elegant solution.


An alternative solution is to download the trial version, but again a common misconception applies: clicking on the “Download” buttons on the pages results in an installation, and not on a download of the installation files. Instead the option (at the n=bottom of the page!) to “Download using Download Manager” must be used. Aldred Boyd wrote a comprehensive article and can be viewed here:

Unfortunately these options are not always assigned the latest version. In these cases, for the software I download, I log a case with Autodesk and ask them for the correct links.

If you run into this problem, contact me: we constantly aim to have the latest versions available as soon as they are released and I may be able to provide you with the appropriate download links.

Alternatively we are able to provide the relevant installation media at R499.00. This will save you the hassle of downloading!

Happy New Version!