How to Install Revit 2015

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A number of people have asked about how to correctly install Revit from the Building Design Suite 2015.

The main issue is caused by the Revit 2015 library content that is not on the actual 2015 flash drive. Previously most libraries where located on the flash drive (Building Design Suite 2014 for example) so installation went pretty smoothly.

What usually happens during the 2015 installation is, in the process of installing, the user would select the libraries that he/she wants eg. UK, South Africa and US Metric Libraries. Once you click next, the installation process starts to download the selected content (about 2GB in size for the above 3 libraries) and in South Africa this might take a while. Most of the times the content download fails or ‘times out’ and Revit is installed without any content.

If your Revit 2015 start-up screen looks like the one below then that is what has happened. Note the empty area below the new button. This means there are no links set up to the content (template in this case) or the content (template files) does not exist on the hard drive.


The idea is to basically skip the large 2GB download process – if possible.

If you have only installing Revit to one PC, you will have to download the libraries in the installation process, unfortunately, but as least you now know about it and can plan ahead eg. do the installation overnight.

If you have more than one installation to do, download the content on the first computer as above and do the following on the subsequent installations:

You’ll have to uninstall Revit. Restart the installation process selecting both the UK and South African libraries. (The SA and US Metric libraries are very similar so we leave out the US Metric one.)

Once you have selected the libraries and set the default library to UK, make sure to disconnect your internet connection. Click next and go through the process. Since you are not connected to the internet, you bypass the download process and the installation will go quite quickly.

The problem now is that you don’t have the libraries on these subsequent PCs. The solution is to copy the libraries from the initial PC into the correct directory on the other PCs.

The directory you need to look at is: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT 2015 and the directories you need to copy across from the first PC are shown in yellow:

This is what the Revit 2015 start-up screen should look if all the content is set up and available:

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