How to use the Lagarith codec for Revit animation exports

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Many of us have done sun studies and walkthroughs in Revit which looked good inside Revit but as soon as you want to export the video to share it with your customers then the quality is too low or the file size is too large.

I would like to introduce you to the solution: it’s a small codec video encoding program called Lagarith Lossless codec. The beauty of this codec is that it utilizes your CPU better that some of the other codecs by accessing your CPU’s multicore processing power when doing the export. It also has a better pixel compression methods reducing file size. You can download this application at .

Once downloaded and installed it will automatically be inserted as an option when you export any video like a Revit sun study or Revit walkthrough. See below:

Lagarith codec for Revit 01

To show you the value of using this codec I’ve created a 30 frame Single day sun study and done some exporting tests using the various exporting codecs.

Using Lagarith codec

Exporting this sun study with all defaults using the Lagarith codec it took 30sec and the files size is 4.77MB. Quality is very good. Please see a screenshot of the video below.

Lagarith codec for Revit 02

Using the Full Frames (Uncompressed) codec

The export took 32sec to generate and the file size is 94MB. The quality is good which is comparable to the Lagarith codec’s quality but the file size is simply too large.

Lagarith codec for Revit 03

Using the Microsoft Video 1 codec

Using this export also took 32sec and the file size is 4MB which is comparable to the Lagarith file size but the quality is too low.

Lagarith codec for Revit 04

Using the Intel IYUV codec:

It took about 30sec to generate and the file size is 46MB which is again too large. Here is the quality screenshot which is comparable to Lagarith’s quality.

Lagarith codec for Revit 05

In conclusion:

Based on the above tests we can see that using the Lagarith codec to export animations outperforms the other default codecs with regards to export time, file size and quality.