Limitations of using ACC Bridges to Copy Project Information


The fact that we have ACC Bridges to copy information from one project to another is great, but it does not allow one as many options as one would like.

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For instance, the folder structure is not preserved. The contained folders are copied as stand-alone folders. At best, I would recommend the bridges to copy from root folder to root folder and then only files, not sub-folders.

The alternative is to use the Desktop Connector to upload files from your desktop to the cloud. Basically, copy and paste into a windows folder that is synced to the cloud. You can read about this here.

I Initially learned that it is possible to create a comprehensive template when one activates the ACC modules in the project itself. In this way one is able to include some structure to the template. There is a limitation to the content you can have in the template and one good idea for which you can vote is for us to be able to include some Revit cloud files as templates in the ACC Project template.

Unfortunately, where Revit cloud files are concerned, we must initiate the cloud files again if we move from one project tot another. That is true even if we use bridges.

The same rational accounts for teams, although a template can copy with teams intact. 

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