Lock-down with Autodesk BIM 360 Design – Extended Trial


My colleagues and I are convinced there are many compelling reasons why using BIM 360 Design for Revit is a good idea. In a collaborative Covid-19 Lock-down effort between us (we are all isolated in our homes to “flatten the curve”), I am showing you how to go about signing up for the trial and start using BIM 360 Design with Revit. Why now? Is it just because South Africa is in lock-down? No. With lock-downs happening worldwide, Autodesk has gone to great lengths enabling us to work from home.

Autodesk’s CEO, Andrew Anagnost, has taken a personal interest in this, and is, in fact, the author of the article.

Autodesk, Micrographics, Revit 2020, BIM 360 Design, Extended Trial

Before you sign up, please note the following:

  • I would recommend you procure at least a 15 Mb symmetrical internet connection, although I have managed with less.
  • Sign up using your existing Autodesk username (the one you run Revit with).
  • Only Revit 2018.3 or later supports the BIM 360 Design license. Either upgrade or update your Revit if necessary.
  • Any existing trial will be extended to the

Sign up for the trial here (click on the image to follow the link):

Autodesk, Micrographics, Revit 2020, BIM 360 Design, Extended Trial

Autodesk states the following: “The best way to use the BIM 360 Design trial is for an admin (like a BIM manager) to sign up for the trial, set up your firm’s account, then add users from admin modules.”

Translated this means that each assignation of the BIM 360 trial will be an account of its own, but unlike other BIM 360 products, the Design license allows you to invite, or to be invited to, projects from any other Design licence holders themselves. You just need to manage this for a company, and not let each user contribute towards your company structure on their own account.

A real possibility exists here that you may even migrate onto BIM 360 using the Design license after the trial, and then it is recommended you have the projects on a trial hub.

If this process is too involved or if you do not have the time, please consider contracting Micrographics to manage this process for you.