Lumion 10 Open Street Map now has Height Maps


Some 3 years ago I wrote about the Lumion Open Street Map feature:

Since then some improvements have been made, including one which I am very impressed with: height maps are now integrated into the feature. That means one no longer must upload the height map independently, and that they are aligned with each other.

I still wish they would overlay satellite imagery (like Autodesk Infraworks does). Still, the ability o superimpose Roads and features on the terrain topology is brilliant, giving one context from the very beginning of a project.

Categories from the map may be switched off as needed. I particularly like the ability to compare the height of the ocean to the coastline using OpenStreetMap Beta.

Lumion is a brilliant solution for all those who like to have great visuals with a minimal learning curve and is used by 72 of the top 100 Architects in the world. If you need help using Lumion 10 in your company, please contact Micrographics so we may be of further assistance.