Lumion 11.3 Layers Management


Lumion 11.3 has some great features. One of them is the ability to place elements in layers. In addition to elements automatically being assigned the relevant category, their layer property allows one to control their visibility in the build mode.

This makes it easier to select items. If one switches off the other layers, containing the same category of objects, it is then very easy to select them.

They play an even more important role when planning different movie clips in the same room space. This is because there is a layer control special effect that can be applied.

The management of the layers can be troublesome in that one has to plan before creating them. There is no way to arrange them in a logical fashion after their creation. This is a limitation I hope Lumion will overcome in the future.

To create or name your layers, click on the layers when they appear at the top of the screen. We have no people in the model yet, so we are about to place them on a new layer.

Lumion 11.3, Layers, Layer Control

Make it current by clicking on it and placing the person.

Lumion 11.3, Layers, Layer Control

Create new people layer and place a new person on the chair.

Lumion 11.3, Layers, Layer Control

Now you can see how we can apply the effect in pictures and movies by toggling the layers as well.

Lumion 11.3, Layers, Layer Control

Just toggle the correct layers as required. It is that simple.

Lumion 11.3, Layers, Layer Control

If you need help to adopt Lumion 11.3 in your practice, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance.