Lumion 11 – Blender Panoramic Picture Background – Create Sphere


It is a question that has bothered me for a long time. How does one create a realistic background for a Lumion Pro 11 movie? It turns out to be relatively simple, if you use a free program called Blender and you have access to a panoramic JPEG.  

My video blog serves as a method to alert all Micrographics clients that Lumion can be used in this manner. I remember one Architect that asked about this specifically. They had a client that needed a wine farm rendered. When they showed him the representation of the farm, he made the comment: “I don’t want a mountain that kind of looks like my mountain. I want to see MY mountain.”  

Here is a great video that explains at length precisely how to go about the process. I concede I am unable to do a better job, but I look forward to teaching this to our clients in our Lumion Essentials courses.  

Lumion Pro 11, Blender, Panoramic Background, Sphere

You can download Blender here: 

Lumion Pro 11, Blender, Panoramic Background, Sphere

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