Lumion 11 Standard Renders Lumion Pro Scene Files


I learned something interesting this week about Lumion Pro vs Lumion Standard. A client asked what the interoperability between the two is.

Lumion 11 Standard Renders Lumion Pro Scene Files

In my initial investigation, I learned that Lumion Pro files can be opened in Lumion Standard, that all the effects are visible, but that those effects that were applied in Lumion Pro are not editable. As an aside, if you are setting up a project in a trial version, you are unable to open that project in a licensed version.

Initially, I thought a good workflow would be to use Lumion Standard to set up most of the project and then apply effects in Lumion and Render. The client, who does amazing renders, mentioned that he needs a second license as his computer is offline for 3 to 4 weeks when he renders. This keeps him from doing further projects.

Then I stumbled onto the following article, which shows that a Lumion Standard license can render created in Lumion Pro scene files!

Lumion 11 Standard Renders Lumion Pro Scene Files

The price difference between Lumion and Lumion Standard is significant, so it makes perfect sense for companies to buy Lumion Standard licenses in addition to their Lumion Pro license. The extra investment makes perfect sense.

If you have enough work to justify it, the opportunity cost of not being able to use Lumion pro more than makes up for the extra Lumion Standard licenses and the hardware to run them for render machines. Micrographics has some great deals on hardware to run your Lumion licenses.

If you need help adopting Lumion in your practice, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance.