Lumion 11 – Ways in which to Download Lumion


I have had two situations recently where, due to social distancing, it was not possible for the company’s software managers to install Lumion using a removable hard drive, short of getting in their car and visiting other people, which is not advisable during Covid. Also, the files are quite large (about 19 GB). This means sharing the files can place a strain on the manager’s bandwidth.

Micrographics, Lumion 11, Download

Here is a page that shows how to download your Lumion software.

Micrographics, Lumion 11, Download

However, once the software manager has downloaded the download manager from their account, all they really must do is share that small file with whoever is installing the software. So long as the activation is fed into the splash page, the files will then download. This also means that one does not need to install on one computer at a time but can roll the installation out across the company in a short time. This solves a lot of issues, but it also leaves the company open to abuse if there are unscrupulous users.

Micrographics, Lumion 11, Download

The Lumion download is specific to the company that bought the license, so trying to activate a generic trial is a total waste of time. Also, users should be made aware that the activation code is supposed to stay secret and should not be handed to their friends along with the installation files. Otherwise, all sorts of people will be pulling the licenses of the company.

If you need help adopting Lumion in your practice, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance.