Lumion 2024 Installation Download and Executable Issues


If you are having issues installing Lumion there are a few things you can try. I recently assisted in a case where the installer would not run (to download the installation files).

1.  Delete the installer.

2. Create a folder that is not shared with the cloud. In Windows 11 this can be default behavior with your typical user folders. I suggest creating a folder in C:\.

3. Add exclusions for anti-virus.

4. Add exclusions for the firewall.

5. Run the installer as Administrator.

There may be other reasons why the installer is not running.

6. The internet connection itself may have a restriction placed on it (contact your IT and if necessary, take it up with your service provider.

7. Make sure you have enough download space and installation space. You will need 40 GB for download and 102 GB free on your hard Drive.

For Lumion to troubleshoot, pleas provide the following:

8. Diagnostic Report.

9. Microsoft System information Report.

10. Hosts file.

11. Log file.

12. Screenshot of the issue.

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