Lumion 9.5 Pro Customizable 3D Grasses


A great effect in Lumion 9.5 is the use of the Customizable 3D Grasses Material (only available in Lumion Pro). This material allows one to generate much more realistic grass scapes. There are many to choose from, allowing one to create scenes representative of sports stadia, golf courses, pastures and more.

Use the many settings available to adjust the lawn to exactly what your clients expect. Length of blades, wildness and gravity effects are just some of the settings you can choose from. You can even mow the lawn if you feel like it! And you can change the colorization to reflect the season.

Achieve great renders using Lumion 9.5 Pro. Contact Micrographics so we may provide you with expert advice to supply you with the best hardware and training you require to create great visual presentations to present for your clients. We also provide you with everything required to create the 3D models used in rendering.