Lumion 9.5 Pro Furry Materials


Furry materials are a lot of fun to use in interior decoration and traditionally not easily available for designers. Available in Lumion Pro, these materials allows one to generate really nice shaggy or furry materials for furniture, shag carpets and other fun surfaces. There are quite a few different materials that can be adjusted to get that look you want.

Use the many settings available to adjust the furry surfaces just as you like them. Length of hairs, gravity effects. In South Africa the natural bovine hide look is very popular in a traditional sense. Use these materials to achieve the look you are wanting.

Achieve great renders using Lumion 9.5 Pro. Contact Micrographics so we may provide you with expert advice to supply you with the best hardware and training you require to create great visual presentations to present for your clients. We also provide you with everything required to create the 3D models used in rendering.