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Lumion updates and upgrades sometimes come with increased hardware requirements. This is a natural progression or hardware improvements from year to year. The software is programmed to make the best use of the hardware available, and so we progress in technology and capability. However, sometimes the owner of the software might not have the wherewithal to keep up with the hardware requirements, and after installing the latest version, might decide to revert to an earlier version simply for performance considerations. To get hold of the software version you require, sign into your Lumion account at

Lumion, Micrographics, Download, Earlier Versions

Go to your license keys.

Lumion, Micrographics, Download, Earlier Versions

Click on you Lumion license.

Lumion, Micrographics, Download, Earlier Versions

Next, go to the previous versions.

Lumion, Micrographics, Download, Earlier Versions

Now you can see the previous versions available for download.

Lumion, Micrographics, Download, Earlier Versions

Now you can download the small .exe file that will initiate the full download. It is easy to save this file or distribute it to others to download and install on their side. If you need an even earlier version, you can contact us at Micrographics, so we may request that of Lumion. It is not guaranteed to deliver a result, but you do stand a chance.

Alternatively, depending on the financial situation your company finds itself in, you may consider asking our hardware department to prepare a request finance and assistance with a new rig.

If you need help adopting Lumion in your practice or if you are looking to invest in hardware, please contact Micrographics so that we may be of assistance. You may also rent one of our most capable machines if you have an important project to complete.

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