Lumion Pro 11 – How to Create more than 10 MyLumion Panoramic Renders


When one purchases Lumion Pro 11, there is a great tool that one can use to communicate with clients. It is called MyLumion. It consists of panoramic renders that one can peruse on a web browser. One would typically navigate to a room and then render the room to appear on MyLumion.  

The pity of it is that one can only render 10 of these panoramic renders at a time from the Lumion interface, yet there is the possibility to upload a total of 100 Panoramic renders onto the web.  

If you have a relatively large building, chances are you would need more than 1o panoramic renders. The obvious solution is to take a series of 100 pictures, organized in sets of 10, representing the locations at which the panorama locations. This is also a method that is used effectively to navigate quickly between different parts of the project when modeling.  

One would then switch to picture mode before selecting an image. This sets the location.  

Lumion Pro 11, MyLumion, Panoramic Render

Then navigate to the panoramic images and replace the ones that you need to render. This will save you a lot of time 

Lumion Pro 11, MyLumion, Panoramic Render

After rendering the link to the ten images will be sent to you.  

If the process is repeated, first navigate to your MyLumion portal using the Lumion Pro 11 interface. Delete existing renders (you are only allowed 100 panoramic renders at any one time).  

If you need help adopting Lumion Pro 11, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance.