Lumion – Simulating Sanitation Spray using Smoke Effect


This video shows how the Lumion smoke effect can be used to simulate sanitation spray in a sanitation booth. This is great for getting a concept across to an existing or prospective client.

There is a lot of “Reverse Industrialization” that is happening around the lockdown. One of the interesting requests from that came my way this past week is whether we can simulate the effect of someone walking through a sanitation booth. These are typically found at the entrances of buildings or where there is public transport.

For a quick demonstration, I modeled up something representing a sanitation booth in AutoCAD, then created a Revit family from it before placing in the context of a Revit model. I then exported the model to the Collada DAE format and imported that into a Lumion scene.

Some effects were added (smoke was used to simulate the sanitation spray cloud). A clip was then created to show a person walking through the sanitation booth. This brings the concept of the model home to the viewer.

If you need help in deciding whether Lumion will be able to portray your concept to a client, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance.