Lumion’s Denoised Ray-traced Preview and faster video rendering


Advancements in Lumion 2024 bring significant improvements to the rendering process, particularly in the realm of ray-traced rendering:

NRD (NVIDIA Real-Time Denoiser) for Preview: This technology utilizes deep learning algorithms to swiftly remove noise from ray-traced previews in both Photo and Movie Modes. By leveraging the power of NVIDIA Real-Time Denoiser, Lumion users can enjoy a smoother editing experience without the distraction of noisy previews. This enhancement ensures that users can focus more on the creative aspects of their projects without being hindered by rendering artefacts.

Improved Quality and Faster Video Rendering: This enhancement involves the integration of two key technologies. Firstly, NRD not only cleans up previews but also speeds up ray-traced animation rendering by reducing the number of samples required for high-quality images. Additionally, NRD functions as a Temporal Denoiser, which means it can remember data between consecutive frames to predict and manage noise more effectively while preserving important details. This results in smoother, more stable video outputs with reduced noise between frames.

Moreover, Lumion 2024 incorporates Multiple Importance Sampling (MIS) technology, which enhances light distribution for higher accuracy results. This technology is seamlessly embedded into the rendering process without requiring user configuration, thereby simplifying the rendering workflow. The incorporation of MIS positively impacts the rendering outcome, particularly when using ray tracing, by optimizing the distribution of light and potentially reducing the number of samples needed for high-quality renders.

Overall, these advancements in Lumion 2024 signify a significant leap forward in rendering technology, offering users enhanced preview experiences, faster rendering times, and improved rendering quality, particularly when utilizing ray tracing techniques.

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