Microsoft Access on BIM 360 Docs

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I have been trying out Microsoft programs online and using them in BIM 360 and the web. It makes sense that one should be able to modify cloud files from any terminal so long as one has access to a browser and a license for Microsoft 365.  

While common wisdom holds that Excel should be a preferred platform to manage information from, in the case where tables are referencing each other, I disagree. Relational databases are much more powerful in this situation. Microsoft Access is readily available in the Office suite and is perfectly suited to the task.  

When I created a blank database today, I was surprised that the .accdb file format is not supported on BIM 360 

Microsoft, Access, Autodesk, BIM 360 Docs

I investigated and found only certain Access database files are supported: 

Microsoft, Access, Autodesk, BIM 360 Docs

However, they are very old formats that are no longer supported in Microsoft Access. 

Microsoft, Access, Autodesk, BIM 360 Docs

Then I decided to see if it was possible to save the .accdb file format to .adp, but all that was available was to save to .mdb, which is again not supported in BIM 360.  

Microsoft, Access, Autodesk, BIM 360 Docs

After a Google search only yielded one result, I decided this was a lost cause and gave up.  

Microsoft, Access, Autodesk, BIM 360 Docs

I created an idea on the ideas page which you are welcome to vote for if you are of the same opinion as I – that BIM 360 should host newer Microsoft Access databases. 

If you need help learning how to use BIM 360 or how to apply it in your business, please give Micrographics a call so we may be of assistance with the above.