Microsoft Excel 365 Online in BIM360


Autodesk BIM 360 is becoming more user friendly by the day. I have recently migrated my file management and standards Excel spreadsheet onto the platform.

To start with, it was not easy. The online browser platform (Microsoft Office 365 Online) was incompatible with the existing spreadsheet. This necessitated my having to copy and paste the information across.

Also, my spreadsheet has many worksheets, and these were not navigable as it is within the desktop version of Excel. I therefore created a column in the left that has hyperlinks to the various worksheets. Every time I add a new worksheet, the hyperlink is created and must be pasted across to every other spreadsheet.

Formatting was also troublesome. The online platform has limited formatting capability, and the formatting was lost on paste.

Was it worth it? Well I think so. I can now work on my spreadsheet from anywhere in the world provided I have internet access, without having to install the desktop version of Microsoft Office (I just type in my user credentials and I can work on my spreadsheet!

If you need help migrating Excel spreadsheets onto your BIM 360, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance.