How to install and activate an older AutoCAD version when you are not on active Subscription

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The other day a customer phoned in wishing to reinstall his older AutoCAD and Revit versions. In this case he bought the 2013 version of the Building Design Suite Premium and wanted to reinstall as his PC crashed.

Knowing the customer I checked his serial number and at the point of his purchase a couple of years ago the customer indeed bought Subscription. This meant that he automatically got upgraded to 2014 version of Building Design Suite.

Now all seems ok but the customer did not access his Subscription Centre portal at all and never downloaded or requested his 2014 version of the software so he does not have 2014 version of the installation media.

So the issue is where to download the software? The customer is not on active Subscription so he cannot access the Subscription Centre to download his software.

So the solution is to use the Autodesk Virtual Agent.

I explained that the customer needs to download the 2014 version of the software he requires from the following Autodesk download site called the Autodesk Virtual Agent:

Here is the process:

Visit the link and click on “Download Links”:

Autodesk Subscription 01

Then on “AutoCAD Products” ( if you want to download AutoCAD)

Autodesk Subscription 02

Then click on “AutoCAD”.

Autodesk Subscription 03

And then click on the version to download (luckily the 2014 version fell within Autodesk’s policy of 3 versions back that can be easily downloaded as we are currently on AutoCAD 2016.)

Autodesk Subscription 04

Once the software is downloaded the customer will need to install and activate the software with the 2014 serial number and product key that he would get from his Autodesk Reseller. In this case we provided him the serial numbers of his Building Design Suite Premium 2014.

Another thing to also remember when reinstalling any Autodesk products is to make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest service packs of the software. In this case the service packs of AutoCAD 2014 was found at: