New in AutoCAD 2025 – Autodesk AI and assistant


The introduction of Autodesk Assistant in AutoCAD 2025 revolutionizes the way users access support and solutions within the software. Powered by conversational AI, Autodesk Assistant provides users with accurate and contextually relevant information and commands directly within the interface. Here’s how it works:

Convenient Access:

  1. Users can conveniently access Autodesk Assistant directly within AutoCAD 2025, eliminating the need to switch between different tools or platforms.

AI-Generated Support:

  1. Autodesk Assistant leverages conversational AI to understand user queries and provide tailored support and solutions.
  2. Users can ask questions or describe their issues in natural language, and Autodesk Assistant will generate relevant responses.

Correct Commands:

  1. Autodesk Assistant offers users the correct commands and solutions directly in the reply.
  2. This streamlines the troubleshooting process, as users no longer need to sift through extensive documentation or forums to find the information they need.

Contextually Relevant Information:

  1. Autodesk Assistant considers the context of the user’s query within AutoCAD 2025, ensuring that the provided information is relevant to the user’s current task or problem.

Improved User Experience:

  1. By providing immediate access to accurate support and solutions, Autodesk Assistant enhances the overall user experience within AutoCAD 2025.
  2. Users can quickly resolve issues, learn new features, and improve their workflow efficiency with the help of Autodesk Assistant.

Overall, Autodesk Assistant represents a significant advancement in user support and assistance, offering a seamless and efficient way for users to access the information they need to maximize their productivity and proficiency in AutoCAD 2025.

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