New in AutoCAD 2025 – Smart Blocks


The new Smart Blocks features in AutoCAD 2025 offer users enhanced capabilities for managing and converting geometry into blocks. Here’s a breakdown of these features:

Smart Blocks – Search Convert:

  • With the “B-convert” command, users can convert multiple instances of the same geometry into blocks more efficiently.
  • Select the geometry you wish to convert into blocks and press Enter.
  • All matching geometries will be highlighted in the model.
  • Press Enter again to bring up the “Convert” dialogue box.
  • In the dialogue box, users have the option to add the items to an existing block by selecting from a dropdown list or creating a new block by typing in a name.
  • Click OK or press Enter to convert the selected objects into a block.

Smart Blocks – Object Detection:

  • AutoCAD now features object detection capabilities to identify objects that should typically be blocked.
  • Select the “Detect” option on the Blocks panel in the ribbon.
  • The “Detect” dialogue box will appear, allowing users to run a detection.
  • After the detection process is complete, select “Review Objects” to evaluate the detected objects.
  • Navigate through the detected objects using the arrows in the detection toolbar.
  • A box will appear around the suggested object. Right-click on the box and select “Convert” or choose the “Convert” option in the detection toolbar to convert the object into a block.


These Smart Blocks features streamline block management and conversion processes, saving users time and effort when working with repetitive geometry in their AutoCAD drawings. With improved efficiency and automation, users can focus more on design tasks and less on manual processes.

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