Open an Infraworks Model in Civil 3D


In the last of a series of two video blogs, we look to open an Infraworks model in Civil 3D. For this to be possible in the first place, both must share a compatible coordinate system.

It is also great to use the Autodesk online map service to orientate oneself and create a point position of interest. This tool is now easy to use. One can even crop the map to show only the area of interest.

Make sure that Infraworks is closed or has loaded a different project before loading the model into Civil 3D.

Open the Infraworks model from:

  • C:UsersUserDocumentsAutodesk InfraWorks ModelsAutodesk 360.

Depending on what is decided on, the surfaces and alignments come through. If Assembled Roads are used in Navisworks, the assemblies also appear in Civil 3D.

The alignments and surfaces prove to be a useful check to see if the coordinate systems align. The existing surface also serves as a useful design surface when more detailed information is not available.

Note, for the South African template this works just as good (in Cape Town I used WSG84 Lo 19).

Autodesk, Civil 3D, Infraworks, Import, Coordinate System

If you need instruction or help to bring man Infraworks model into Civil 3D please contract Micrographics so we may be of assistance.