Port Elizabeth BIM For Business Owners



I spent last week in Port Elizabeth (PE), South Africa, attending presentations and client meetings after a BIM For Business Owners conference facilitated by the South African Institute for Architecture Eastern Cape (SAIAEC).

It was held at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) and sponsored by Corobrick and Micrographics. PE is known as the “friendly city” of South Africa and it lived up to its name. I think everyone gained some valuable insights into the state of BIM in the Eastern Cape and the possibilities that BIM presents the Architecture Engineering and Construction Industry there. These conferences provide the perfect platform to meet new people and network. I was often engaged in interesting and lively conversations with owners who wish not only to adopt standards and protocols, but already see a clear path in which automation, machine learning, and AI can be of benefit. Early days yet but the foundation for great things exists.

The BIM for Business Owners training will be a regular feature in PE’s AEC landscape, and Micrographics will be supporting the industry to adopt BIM. It is heartening is that there exists a can-do attitude among the many gifted and talented owners, often completing demanding projects in a relatively unstructured environment and which the adoption of BIM will empower to achieve great things.

NMMU is truly investing in their Architectural students, and their BIM adoption has resulted in a very much larger percentage of their Masters students passing.

In time I hope that, just like Sherlock Holmes, we will interrogate our BIM models and work towards a brighter future (and better collaboration), just like in the UK under Her Majesty’s reign.
If you did not get the opportunity to attend the conference or the training this time round, please contact us at Micrographics so we may facilitate your future attendance and be of assistance to you and your business in the meantime.