How to request your Autodesk Installation Media

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A couple of years ago Autodesk changed their default software delivery method from shipping software media directly to the end user to providing a choice of either downloading the new software or requesting shipment of their physical installation media.

This came about as many customers actually prefer downloading the software the day after the new version has been released to maximise the usage time of the new version and new features. Also because many software boxes, after being shipped automatically, ended up at incorrect addresses or incorrect persons as the company either moved premises or the person to which the box have been shipped have moved to another company.

Autodesk has also recently changed their user portal from the Subscription Centre to the Autodesk Account.

This article outlines the process how to firstly access the new portal and then to request your installation media.

Follow these steps: (Remember you need to have the role of Contract Manager or Software Coordinator to be able to request the media.)

  1. Log on to the Autodesk Account at :

(a) If you have forgotten your password click on the “Forgot Password” link below the Sign In button and follow the instructions.

(b) If you do not have an Autodesk ID you can create it on this page. However your software might not have been linked to your account or you will not have rights to request the software.

Requesting Autodesk Installation media 01

(c) If you experience any of these issues you can log a Support Case to Autodesk via the Support Wizard. Once logged into the portal this Wizard can be found by Clicking on the “Management” word at the top and then Support -> Contact Us.

Requesting Autodesk Installation media 02

(d) Alternatively you can request support from Micrographics at in which we’ll assist at standard support rates.

2. Once logged in make sure you have clicked on the “Management” word at the top. Then click on Products and Services icon on the left and then on Products.

Requesting Autodesk Installation media 03

3. Go to the software product that you require the physical media of and click the “More Actions” dropdown on the right. Click on the “Get a Physical copy” option. See image below. (At this point you can also download the software from the same dropdown if required)

4. If you do not see the option as per Point 3 you are not the Contract Manager or Software Coordinator. The process to change roles please see Points 1a to 1d above.

Requesting Autodesk Installation media 04

5. You’ll now land on the Order screen as shown below in which you will be able to select your software and language. You can also Add additional product media if you have multiple products.

Requesting Autodesk Installation media 05

6.  Once done scroll down and make sure your delivery address is correct. If it is not please type in your correct address. Click “Next Step” and then “Submit“.

Requesting Autodesk Installation media 06

7. Once submitted you’ll see the confirmation screen in which Autodesk state that you’ll receive and email once the software has been shipped and also that it might take up to 3 weeks.

Requesting Autodesk Installation media 07