Revit 2018 – Material Editor Crash


The new Revit 2018 is, as usual, a great application to use in the AEC space. It may be tempting to start using it immediately, but take note: most users would wait for the first service pack to be released before considering using a new version professionally. This is so as not to be inconvenienced or hampered by bugs that may not have been fixed yet.

In my experience importing and immediately editing a material in the Materials Library dialogue causes Revit to crash across various computers and graphics cards (all are NVIDIA GeForce) and it is not file specific.

Revit 2018, Graphics, Forums, Crash

You can see the exact course of events in my screencast here:

A good way to initially deal with such issues is to post it on the forums to see whether there exists some advice for a fix or a work-around. It also brings it to Autodesk’s attention so they may fix it in time for the first service pack.

Revit 2018, Graphics, Forums, Crash

In my case, while I did find a work-around, I have decided to create a support case so the issue may be escalated. I will share the results of the case on the forum when the issue is resolved. Test out the Revit 2018 materials Editor and share your experiences on the post I created:

The work-around will, however, help you to experience Revit 2018 without throwing the PC out the window (if you experience the same issues)!

Instead of editing materials directly when importing them into the Project, import them, but then close the materials editor dialogue before opening it up again and then editing the material. If you don’t, chances are Revit will crash. If you are unlucky enough you might also find that the materials library installation has become corrupted. You will then have to repair the materials library using the installation files.

Remember to contact Micrographics if you experience difficulties while installing or evaluating software so that we may advise you appropriately.

PS: after creating a case I realized I was unable to install Revit 2018.1, so I formatted the laptop I am working on and reinstalled. This time there was no Material Editor Crash.