Revit 2020.1 has been released



Autodesk has recently released an update for 2020. As in the past it is a point release and known as the Revit 2020.1 Update.  In this release there is fixes and updates.

Fixes and Updates

Several fixes have been applied and many new features have been added and some feature have been enhanced. You can learn more on these in the Official Revit Blog at : and also a top 5 at Revit Pure:

Interestingly some of the Revit Ideas from customers have made their way to the 2020.1 release, which is great. This means that the users do have an impact in which features and functionality gets added to new versions of Revit.

Two new features caught my eye and those were the enhancement with regards to the Path of Travel feature. Autodesk has added a To- and From- Rooms parameter to the path. This parameter can be scheduled which makes reporting better.

The other was the stripped rows in Schedules whereby a colour is shown as background to each alternative row. This saves a lot of time and effort as reading large schedules are made easier.

Download and Install

The best way to download and install the update is via the Autodesk Desktop App. The Desktop App is installed with most Autodesk softwares and can be found by running the app from the start button. Once opened select Revit software of the left and then the updates should appear. Click the Update button next to the 2020.1 Update.

2. Revit 2020.1 update - desktop app

An alternative to install the update is to visit your Autodesk Account at and then select “All Products’ on the left. The select “View download” button next to your product. In the download dialogue box, select the “Updates” tab at the top and then download the 2020.1 update.

1. Revit 2020.1 update - download from account

Just remember to close Revit before you install the update. I also suggest turning off Windows User Account Control and Anti-virus. You can turn those back on once the updates have been installed.


Autodesk is working hard to enhance Revit and this update is proof. I would strongly suggest updating your software to Revit 2020 and to make sure to install the 2020.1 update.

If you’d like us to assist with any installation or deployment of Revit and other software of if you need any assistance with Autodesk software please let us know at :