Revit 2020 Project Level Container – Level Management


“Everything in Revit is a family.” That is pretty much true, as most users will know. Even so, many forget that levels and grids are also families. I recently experimented with keeping a file housing the levels and grids for all the disciplines. And which the BIM Manager has ownership of.

In my idealized model, the Architectural Levels designate the floor finish level, Structural levels designate top of slab and Mechanical levels the plenum.

To show them in different colors I duplicate the level family to create a level family for each discipline.

I place each Discipline’s levels on their own worksets. This allows me to switch them on and off in Revit files into which I link them. Each discipline copies and monitors the BIM levels into their own projects. From then on, every dispute or query regarding levels default to the BIM Manager.

If you need help using Revit 2020 in your BIM workflows, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance to you.