Revit 2020 Shared Site Coordinates need Common Shared Coordinates First

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Revit 2020 and BIM 360 Design does not always work like Revit 2020 does on a Local Area Network. In some cases, if you know how, there is often some way in which the desired result can be achieved.

One of these instances is where shares site locations is to be used (one design used multiple times on a site in position A,B and C, for instance). There is a specific workflow that is used to achieve this in the cloud:

In the BIM 360 Design environment, when transferring Site Locations, it is not possible to use the container file’s shared coordinate system, instead an intermediary file must be used that has the same shared coordinates but no shared locations. From the intermediary file, acquire the coordinate system. From the container file transfer project information.

If you need help using shared site coordinates in Revit using BIM 360 Design, please give Micrographics a call so we may be of further assistance with the above.