Revit 2020 Shared Site Locations in BIM 360 Collaboration – 1 of 3


Even seasoned professionals struggle with this one: “pushing” Revit Coordinates in the Cloud. While it is indeed not possible to push coordinates in Revit Collaboration, it is not that difficult to achieve the same result when you know how – just a bit tedious. If it is your habit of saving out groups to links to represent apartments, then you are in for a disappointment, as cloud models cannot save out groups to links.

In these video blogs I will demonstrate how it is possible to achieve the required result. The full recipe is contained here.

First it is necessary to copy the file that will act as the link. It is best to acquire coordinates from a topography model before creating copies, otherwise it has to be done repeatedly. If there are three apartments of the same design, then you need three files for these apartments. They are placeholders only and will eventually be represented by only one file. Suppose the apartments are on Level 1 (position 1), Level 2 (position 2) and Level 3 (position 3). Duplicate their internal location points and name them accordingly and make them the current position.

If you need assistance (pseudo-pushing) coordinates in Revit Cloud models, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance.