Revit 2020 Shared Site Locations in BIM 360 Collaboration – 3 of 3


I the first two of three videos we looked at how to prepare a file that must be linked into a container by shared site coordinates (BIM 360 cloud collaboration files).

In this last of three videos we look at the final collaborative result of our efforts. It is good practice to bring links in on their own worksets. I go one further and create a workset for each link instance.

Bring in the link instances on the correct workset by shared coordinates and then state which site location they are on.

Note, this method works both horizontally and vertically. Not only apartment types for buildings can be handled this way, but also separate instances of buildings on a communal development (or a combination of them).

Best of luck with your endeavors. The cloud is a little different to your local network, and it is interesting to see the work around in action.

If you need assistance (pseudo-pushing) coordinates in Revit Cloud models, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance.