Revit 2021 CADS Rebar Extensions

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Some years ago, Revit removed the extensions from its software. I particularly liked the rebar extensions, because it can be tedious to place rebar in the Revit model without them.

To try out the CADS Rebar Extensions, download them from the Autodesk App store. Sign in, download the extensions, and enter the activation code that is sent to start the trial.

Use the CADS Rebar Extensions to quickly place rebar in standard structural elements: footings, columns, beams, etc.

Remember that the extensions work to generate the rebar but does not allow one to modify the parameters that are used to generate the rebar after the fact, so get it right the first time. Otherwise, delete the rebar and start again. It still saves an enormous amount of time regardless.

If you need help adopting Revit 2021 in your company or help to use the CADS Rebar Extensions, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance.