Revit 2021-Holey Facade – Custom Panel Shorten Width


In this vlog, we look at handling special cases on the façade of a building that is being generated by a curtain wall and curtain wall panels. Specifically, how do we create a panel to substitute for one that is not fit for purpose?

Having created a custom curtain panel and used it on the curtain wall to create a façade, it might be necessary to handle exceptions.

Using the family that is already at the correct width for the normal panel that we used in the curtain wall, tab to it and then edits the family. Save it as a new family then edit the extrusion. Delete the elements that are not needed and adjust the boundary (constrain it using a locked dimension if necessary). Load this into the project and replace the panel that is conforming to the design.

Apply the same principle to other panels as needed. One can even replace a panel with an empty panel. That is what was done with the windows.

If you need help adopting Revit in your company, or creating facades using custom curtain wall panels, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance to you.