Revit 2021 – Inclined Rafter Joining Roof Rafter to Dormer Rafter


When a dormer roof joins the main roof, the rafters are not in line. How would one go about joining them with another rafter which is an inclined angle and elevation?

What is the difficulty? The beam will not snap onto the other beams in the section. When we are in a situation like this, we can use a trick that is sometimes necessary with Revit. We export the view to a DWEG format and then link it back in again. This way the beam can snap to the AutoCAD entities. After that, we remove the DWG link again. Note: it is not necessary to have AutoCAD to be able to do this. Having Revit is sufficient.

It is good to remember this trick for other instances where Revit will not allow for the generation of the element you wish to create. Sometimes it works.

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