Revit 2021 – Open and Unload on BIM 360 Linked Models


I learned a new way of editing Revit links. In the past, I would open a new instance of Revit, edit the link, and reload. It is much easier just to unload (open) the link from the project browser. This is especially useful when there are lots of files linked in.

I work on projects in BIM 360 most of the time, and I also work in files that reside in different Teams. I have access to the Team folders and files, yet when I try to unload (open) these links (they reside in the consumed folder of the file’s team folder), it is not possible.

If you are in the situation that you need to unload(open} files from different teams, then you must combine the teams and let the different teams work at risk. This is not recommended as a good practice.

If you need help adopting Revit and BIM in your practice, please contact Micrographics so we may be of further assistance.