Revit 2021 Structures – Modify Analytical Models to Attach Split with Gap Walls

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To a Structural Engineer, the AEC collection is of particular interest. Revit is used to set up both the graphical representation of the building, but also the “matchstick model” which is used to perform the structural analysis in Autodesk Robot. Robot is also used to model more complex shapes (to be analyzed) like parking garage ramps and to do code checking. Then there is Advanced Steel, which is essentially AutoCAD on steroids for steel fabrication.

It is not always clear to new structural users of Revit how to use the software for analytical modeling. In this vlog, we look at how to model structural walls with gaps in the walls. What happens is that the analytical model is not attached to the columns. We edit the analytical model, therefore, and override the analytical model to attach it correctly.

If you need help adopting BIM and Revit in your practice, please contact Micrographics so we may be of further assistance.