Revit 2021 – Using Dynamo to Enforce Room Worksets per Level


It is very easy to model in the incorrect workset. Many mistakes are usually made by the production team with regards to putting categories into the correct worksets. The assignation of elements into the correct worksets is also very often done per level.

This is a common request by BIM managers: is there a way to run a model through an automated check?

In this case, the solution presents itself through Dynamo. Although we will only look at the assignation of rooms (one cannot select all the rooms in a view as per the usual elements, although we can select them using Dynamo). We do this per level by referring to the Level property of the rooms. We then assign the rooms to the correct workset. The same can be done with other categories.

If you need help adopting Dynamo and BIM in your supply chain, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance.