Revit 2021 – Wall openings and Room Generation


I was confounded when I linked my Structural model in and found my Architectural room generation failing in a lift shaft (a structural wall in which the profile was edited open to the base). I first tried all the things I knew had to be done for the project to behave correctly (referencing my MEP knowledge to help Architectural).

  1. Link-type properties set to room bounding
  2. Area and Volume computation set to “Volume”
  3. Worksets closed on open

Still no success.

I then checked a simple configuration using both a wall profile edit and a wall opening.

In the case of the Wall profile, an opening of the incorporated part of the base caused room generation to fail.

In the case of the wall opening, setting the base offset to zero (the default) cause the same problem.

The solution I then came up with is that I can use a door family in which only the wall element and the wall opening is present. Now rooms generate correctly.

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