Revit 2021 – What are Embedded Schedules?


Many users are unaware that Revit has some useful scheduling tools. Revit LT 2021 (limited technology) users might not even be aware that Revit can do embedded schedules.
As some background, note that most loadable model families have a room calculation point. This is a point in 3D that can be moved relative to the origin of the family. Rooms (Architectural) and Spaces (MEP) are also 3D elements when they generate. The upshot of this is that a room or a space element recognizes the families that occur inside them by virtue of the room calculation point falling inside the bounds of the room or space geometry. Another way of saying this is that elements are room or space aware.
To create an embedded schedule, start off with a room or space schedule. These schedules are special because there is an extra tab for embedded schedules in them. This is essentially a schedule that lists the elements of the schedule category per room.

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The usual parameters are available for the embedded schedule.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to create a multicategory embedded schedule. If one would like to list every element in the room, then create a multicategory schedule to start with and include the room data and sort and group the schedule by room. This may also be used as a workaround in Revit LT for the “embedded schedule (remembering that one can also do this for a single category if required).

Autodesk, Micrographics, Revit 2021, Embedded Schedules

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