Revit 2022 – Architectural Slab Joining to Beam


I recently had a query from an Architect who had some difficulty joining a slab to a wall and displaying the connection correctly. Specifically, this is the case for the edge of an outside slab.

They were working on Revit 2020, and we found a solution that would work to them (a floor sweep). This inspired me to investigate how Revit 2022 manages the situations, and to demonstrate how different people approach the problem.

In the first instance, I am using a structural beam and a floor slab each made of the same material.

In section, it can be seen how nicely the floor joins with the beam. The advantage of doing this is that the elements belong to the correct and proper categories.

The next scenario I tested was to use a wall instead of a beam.

Again, the result was satisfactory graphically, and it could be argued that the wall is the correct element to use for the edge concrete reinforcing.

In the last scenario, a novel solution is proposed. Use a floor slab edge sweep to generate the required shape.

As can be seen in the section, the result is satisfactory. However, it is arguable that the scheduling may be confusing to those that do not understand that the sweep is used for the edge beam/wall. Due care should be taken to tag these elements.

I recommend using either the beam or wall method, especially in Revit 2022. The elements join correctly, and they schedule in typical categories.

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