Revit 2022 – Concentric Linear Radial dimensions use AutoCAD and Link In


Revit is not great at letting one create concentric radial dimensions between walls. In situations like these, where dimensioning is going to either take too long or not be possible at all, I resort to using AutoCAD and linking the dimensions in. They do not look the same (a bit unprofessional), but at least they convey the necessary information.

The process is relatively simple. Export the view to a DWG file, then Xref that into another AutoCAD drawing. Dimension in the new Autocad drawing, then link the dimensions back into the Revit view stipulating that it is to appear only on that view. The new dimensions can now be overridden in the Visibility graphics and any other layers hidden. The combination of the AutoCAD and Revit dimensions convey the required information.

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