Revit 2022 – In-Place Modeling a Truncated Cone – Surface Patterned Loft


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I was asked to remodel a design and to try to make the mass parametric instead of inserting it as a family.

Using the model in place tool, I show how we can use the loft tool to sketch a mass model. When we finally divide the surface and try to host adaptive components to it, we find that it works! The lesson to learn from this is that not all masses allow one to model elements in place.

The massing tools are different from what one expects from a modeling tool. Depending on how the elements were drawn, selecting them, and making them into a solid is how the type of solid operation is invoked. One does not invoke the revolve command, one draws the elements as they should be, then select them and the solid command then automatically “decides” that a revolve must be done. It takes time to learn how to work with the mass tools, so let us know if you need assistance with them.

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