Revit 2022 – In-Place Modelling a Truncated Cone – Cannot Swap out Families


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We also look at the difference between massing in place and a family so that pattern-based families can more easily be exchanged in certain situations.

Quite often it is necessary to switch out families that are hosted on the pattern of a massing face. This might happen because you need to finish off a corner or clean up at the top or at the bottom of a curtain wall.

The in-place families that are created host the pattern-based adaptive component families. Unfortunately, one is unable to change them out where necessary.

So, if you need to change out families on a massing face, rather use a massing family and load that into your project.

Ultimately you will need to experiment to find out what is the best course of action. My personal preference is to use the Mass family so I can switch out individual panels. Otherwise, I am not able to finish the project off nicely.

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