Revit 2022 – Roof Rooms Colour Fill – Override Element Graphics in View to Transparent


It came as quite a surprise to me that the colour fill on a roof does not appear as required. Sure, not every roof need rooms, but in the cases where elements are scheduled per “area”, one often uses rooms to represent the areas instead (the elements are room “aware”). Many roofs are often used for parties, so they have bars and cloakrooms. I had modeled some room separation boundaries on a roof and assigned a colour fill by the room name property. I probably spent half an hour trying to figure out what had happened. I then eventually found a reference online that suggested overriding the graphics of the element in the view. This worked.

One must change the transparency of the element that is stopping the room colour fill to show. Each element must be done independently. If you do not know about this and you are working on a large roof area, you may come short of a deadline.  Make sure you plan for enough time to get that colour fill plan view on the roof display correctly on a published view.

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