Revit 2022 – Use Filters to Manage Working Sections


Because it is so easy to create sections in Revit, we often use it as a drawing tool. This becomes an issue when one is working on a production team and there are multiple users who all create their own sections to complete their modeling. Very often, their sections are superfluous and are indistinguishable from the sections that are supposed to be printed.

If the sections that are supposed to be printed are placed on sheets immediately on creation, then one may inform the production team not to delete the sections that are on sheets. In this way, the header will display the sheet number and name and may be identified as such. In addition to this, the users must also delete their working sections before printing, or at least hide them in the printed view.

Distinguishing between printed sections and working sections is more easily achieved, and managed if filters are used. Filters are not available in Revit LT, only in Revit. The easiest way is to create a family-type for working sections, then isolate them using a filter. They can then be switched off in printed views, and their color overridden in other views to distinguish them from printed sections.

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