Revit 2022 – Use Subcategories when importing CAD into Revit Families to Apply Material Sets


When importing geometry from AutoCAD into a Revit family, it can sometimes be troublesome to assign the correct material to the individual elements, especially if there are a lot of distributed elements of the same material. If one does not plan, one can spend hours applying materials.

In the first place, if a Generic Model Family Template was used to start the family, change the family into the correct family category. They come with built-in subcategories. If there is a need for further subcategorization, please consult your BIM Manager first, unless the categorization is clearly stated in the Project BIM Execution Plan. Although one should not introduce new subcategories. Can use them temporarily to achieve material assignation. They should then be deleted after the operation is complete so that they are not introduced into the project. Loading a family with custom subcategories also creates the subcategories in the project.

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