Revit 2022 – Using Hidden Lines


Consider the situation below. We have a Water Closet that is wall Mounted on a concealed cistern in a frame.

If the clash between the wall and the cistern assembly is to be ignored (leaving the installation up to the contractor), then we need to find a good way to show that on views.

Consider the plan view, in which we have the option to show hidden lines per element. We invoke the command, select the wall, and then select the cistern assembly.

The result is shown below. The elements that were in the wall are now visible in hidden lines. The same can be done in a 3D view.

When we move over to the plan view, however, there is no such luck. We must resort to another method. This is contained in the instance properties of the view. Two items work together. The “Discipline” and “Show Hidden Lines” properties.

The options for “Show Hidden lines” include “None”, “By Discipline” and “All”.

“None” means that no hidden lines will be shown for elements that are obscured by walls.

“By Discipline” means that the discipline of the view will determine the elements to show as hidden lines. In this case, the elements in the cistern assembly do not conform to one discipline (Mechanical) and are therefore not all shown. In addition to not showing all the hidden details, the architectural elements are half-toned (there is no way to change this)

The only way is then to just say “All”. This way the hidden elements show up as required, but this will be so for all elements.

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