Revit 2022 – Visibility Graphics Overrides – Detail Level Override


During our Family Modelling course, we teach how details may be embedded in families and their visibility is overridden per the detail level of the view they appear in. This is true of items placed in plan view, but also in sections, where they will show up if the family is sectioned in a project, provided the detail level of the project view corresponds to the view overrides of the detail objects in the family. This is not the end of the story though. Remember that the Project view also has visibility graphics overrides and that this allows categories to be overridden in the view. Crucially, the detail level of a category may also be adjusted to show specific family categories in a detail level that does not correspond to the project view. These settings may then be encapsulated in a view template so that similar views may quickly be made to conform to the required overrides.

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